• Planning and Execution Power Infrastructure

  • Technology Selection/Design and Engineering

  • Hardware/Software/ Selection/Procurement

  • Mobilization of Preferred Local Contractors

  • Construction, Installation and Delivery of System

  • Supervision and Project Management

  • Global Technical Support

  • Real-Time Performance Mornitoring

  • Asset/Life-Cycle Management

  • Operation and Maintenance

  • Energy Efficiency Services

  • WE iSoftware for high-rise buildings and malls

  • Pre-design Review of buildings

  • Deal Structuring

  • Private Equity/Investment Capital Mobilization

  • Corporate Design/ Joint-Ventures Ownership

  • Financing and Dealing with Multilateral Programs

  • Advisory Services

  • Smart Energy Policies

  • RE Policy Development/ Road Mapping and Implementation

  • Stakeholders Engagement/ Participatory Development

  • Capacity Building and Training

Our experts interact with our clients and ensure a proper intake of the technical and economic requirements for power supply. The process begins with an on-site visit, in-depth inspection of existing documents and getting a clear understanding of the client’s operating characteristics. We carry out extensive evaluations in search of possible cost-effective and durable solutions, including hybrid-options, using yield simulations, cost/benefit calculations and plant layout design, selection of technologies and all required components.

WEnergy Global has longstanding relations with preferred suppliers of hardware and software components required for high-performance solar, wind, hydro and biomass power systems. Our standards and requirements are inspired by those applied in Germany, in particular qualifying our clients to loan-financing provided by international and (in a few cases) national banks. Our engineers frequently carry audits of manufacturers of key components and ensure that the quality of products is high and consistent. Our international procurement specialists ensure the best price/quality purchases and our logistics officers ensure proper supply chain management, including custom-clearance for safe and on-time delivery.

WEnergy Global collaborates with local contractors that have been selected and trained by our technical experts to deliver civil, mechanical and electrical works as per project quality standards. Our local contractors are also prepared for carrying out routine maintenance and for handling standard operational faults and defects. We encourage and prefer such partnerships with local contractors to encourage local employment and development of technical capacity.

WEnergy Global ensures execution of construction works in all its aspects: civil engineering structures, mechanical and electrical installations. Our engineers, supervisors and project managers collaborate with our local contractors to ensure skilled delivery of each project-part, systems integration and ultimately the full operation of a power plant.

On-time completion, full satisfaction of all technical specifications and cost-management are essential for keeping the price per kilowatthour of electricity generated and the lifetime of the system as per design and expectation of our client. We provide experienced project managers and technical supervisors to ensure our joint-targets are achieved with the planned budgets and agreed time-lines. Our technical supervisors demand high standards of fabrication of components, precision, tools and craftmanship. Our project managers use planning software, their sense for reality and their excellence in communication in multi-cultural environment to ensure on-time and cost-effective completion of projects.

We monitor and record the yield of your installation and carry out regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Continuous system monitoring reduces downtimes and immediately removes any operational faults. This is how we ensure the high standard and reliability of our systems and our services. WEnergy Global offers its remote monitoring 24/7 services via its headquarters in Singapore using advanced and cost-effective webbased technologies while it ensures immediate response through our local teams for preventing loss of income for our clients.

In order to ensure our clients benefit throughout the entire life-cycle of a power plant, which could last anywhere between 20 – 25 years, we offer a complete set maintenance management services to reduce cost of operations and maintenance, reduce operational damage, outages or power capacity and to know base-line key performance indicators of the power system.

Our technicians are trained and equipped to operate medium and large power plants on a daily basis as part of our package of services to clients. In such scenarios, our clients do not need to focus on technical and operational continuity matters, but rather focus on the benefits of the business. We ensure immediate technical response to emergency defects by our local technicians and within 24-hours. We are fully equipped to provide maintenance schedules, mostly on an annual basis, and focusing on the key components of the power plants. Our company always ensures spare-part availability at different locations around the globe and their on-time delivery on-site.

Our experts have access to private equity companies (and banks) in Asia and Europe that are aiming to invest in sustainable development and ‘green projects’. We carry out feasibilities studies and optimize the design of systems to ensure power plants are profitable during their entire lifecycle of 20-25 years. We facilitate the financial structuring of renewable energy plants and ensure customized legal and institutional frameworks for all parties involved ensuring business continuity and adequate risk-management and security.

Our corporate and business specialists bring in extensive international experience to facilitate local and international partners to design the most appropriate organizational setting (including joint-venture companies, non-governmental and non-profit entities) for operating renewable energy plants, including organizations in rural areas or for low-income groups. We design, develop, deploy and prepare people to embrace effective standard operating procedures, human resources management systems, accounting systems and maintenance and safety protocols. WEnergy Global also buys and leases surfaces that are suitable for solar and wind power generation. These could be large farm, high buildings or industrial roofs, or dedicated open spaces of un-used land.  We plan, construct and operate power plants to the highest standard. As a lessor, you will benefit from one of the following models: (i) disbursement of yearly rental yield; (ii) one-off payment of reduced rental yield throughout the repayment period or (iii) stake in the yearly plant yield.

Our experts assist clients in identifying international funds, subsidy-mechanisms and the carbon trading markets for the co-financing of renewable energy projects. With our deep understanding of the operational modalities of international or multi-lateral funds (including micro-financing options) and our partnerships with specialized international consultants in methods and approaches for the reduction of greenhouse gases our clients benefit through reduced investment and operating costs.

Our experts provide planners, engineers and decision-makers in both public and private organizations strategic advice in developing smart energy policies and nationally appropriate mitigation actions. We closely work with architects, engineers and project developers to plan, design and implement smart grid systems and other energy-saving systems in buildings. We approach ‘green-buildings’ from a comprehensive perspective that comprises the reduction of carbon and water footprints linked work and life-styles. We have access to a vast network of energy-specialists bringing global experiences to the client.

Our experts provide ‘how-to-guidance’ to project development companies, their owners, designers and architects in preparing conceptual designs and execution plans for green homes, apartment complexes, office buildings and industrial factories. Our approach is comprehensive and based on reduction of the ‘carbon footprint’ and the ‘water footprint’. Both at the level of buildings and a residential complex, we design and deliver ‘smart grid’ systems to enhance energy-efficiency and therefore a reduction of power loads. We assist architects and engineers to integrate renewable energy-technologies (and water technologies as our side-way competence) in the design to save costs and increase profitability of such building projects.

Our experts are trained to facilitate multi-stakeholders negotiations, dialogues and communications that are essential for successful start-up of renewable energy projects and continuity of performance. We have extensive experience in identifying parties and their respective interests. Our approach and expertise assure that the lead-time for the entire project cycle is as short as possible by identifying conflicts in energy demands among several parties, land-use issues, cost/benefit sharing and generating negotiated solutions.

Our experts provide ‘how-to-guidance’ for management set up, including standard operating procedures and human resources management. We also design and deliver on-the-job and hands-on training at technicians, supervisory and management levels. In particular for medium and large-scale power plants the operational and business continuity is ensured with well-trained employees. In some countries we consider this to be a repetitive effort as employee-turnover is relatively high and operational continuity, therefore, under pressure.