Our values are:

  1. Responsible Business: We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of responsibility concerning the natural environment, and in our relationship with clients, partners, shareholders, and staff. We will not conduct business in certain sectors and with certain organizations, which are not compatible with our values. These include, organizations whose products or operations have caused or are causing large-scale health damages or environmental destruction.
  2. Excellence & Integrity: With our talented people, effective materials, processes, designs and knowledge in smart energy systems we demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation to meet customers’ needs.
  3. Customers’ Performance Focus: We act with urgency and purpose, and believe in going the extra mile to help customers in transitioning to smart energy policies, optimizing productivity of systems, increasing cost-effectiveness of solutions, promoting safety and minimizing environmental impacts.
  4. Smart Global Operations: We continuously source for alternative components wherever it is most cost-effective, tap into expertise wherever it is most advanced and maximize our delivery capabilities wherever our customers need it most.
  5. Collaboration and Learning: Our growth is assured through our global collaborative culture and continuous learning where new ideas and practices are respected, encouraged and implemented.
  6. Global Citizenship: The Company and its shareholders have a tradition to contribute to the wellbeing of economically poor communities and to enhance environmental integrity for all forms of life on our planet.