12 March 2013
Magic is in the Mix; get clean energy deployed
Views on the News on Channel News Asia on 12 March 2013 by Mr Atem S. Ramsundersingh, CEO WEnergy Global Pte Ltd. Taiwan and Japan should seriously consider deploying known and safe technologies, such as Solar PV, Wind and Biogas Systems, Hydro Power, first instead of jumping or pushing for nuclear power. Postpone such high-risk technologies until we are able to reduce risk for humanity to very low to zero levels. Stop saying that nuclear power is cheap, because one did not add all risks in the pricing! Also, start managing your power consumption demands by increasing energy-efficiency. Utilise safe and clean, decentralized renewable energy systems. Change the mix! In Germany this mix was changed over the last 15 years: the share of nuclear power was reduced from 29% to 16%, while the share of renewable energy was increased from 5% to 22%. So, governments must to not justify their decisions through fear, but rather through building trust. Make a roadmap for technology deployment!