Hybrid | Solar PV Plant, on-, off- and mini-grid
WEnergy Global is your one-stop-shop-solution provider for customized renewable energy infrastructure. The company combines the best technologies to ensure that the needs and demands of the client or off-taker can be met, now and in the future. Technologies available to WEnergy Global are: solar PV systems, biomass gasification technologies, hydro and wind power.

In certain cases we combine solar PV with natural gas or diesel generators to ensure 24/7/365 operations, in particular in micro-grids or in off-grid conditions, such as newly build-up residential areas, public-private industrial estates, special world-heritage sites and tourism-zones with hotels and resorts.

WEnergy Global plans, designs, builds, Owns and Operates such complex systems under Special Projects Vehicles (SPVs) and jointly with local and international stakeholders.