WE iSoftware: Intelligent Energy Saving for Buildings
WEnergy Global Pte Ltd based in Singapore, is a one-stop-shop solution provider for renewable energy systems and technologies to reduce energy consumption in buildings. WE iSoftware is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) add-on feature to the Building Management System (BMS), which is non-disruptive to the BMS and intelligently reduces building's energy consumption, through dynamic fine-tuning of Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems. WE iSoftware is an energy efficiency too, optimising ACMV systems: 24/7/365, reducing eletricity and maintenance costs.

WE iSoftware, with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, is able to dynamically optimise ACMV system with respect to its real-time energy demand and consumption. WE iSoftware is continuously making micro adjustments to the set points, within minimum and maximum settings of the BMS, in tune with external environmental information to reacting to demand, be proactive before demand, to update and learn from past performance.

In Singapore 82% of buildings are installed with BMS, though only 2% of the building managers are able to use the BMS to manage energy consumption effectively. Also only 30% of the data collected from the BMS is analysed and put to use. Furthermore in 2014 “Embedded Intelligence in Software” is ranked first of the top 10 technologies for achieving significant improvement in energy efficiency of buildings in Singapore. WE iSoftware is such an embedded highly intelligent software.

By adopting the big data paradigm and using data from the BMS together with external environmental information, such as weather data, WE iSoftware provides embedded artificial intelligence for continuous control of the BMS to facilitate building managers automate their building.

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For more info by email: weisoftware@wenergyglobal.com