1.1 MWp Sprakebüll, Germany, 2008
On former agricultural land, two large-scale solar power plants were built to demonstrate the region’s future capabilities. The two free-standing photovoltaic systems achieve a total output of around 2 MWp, in Nordhackstedt with 850 kWp and in Sprakebüll with 1.1 MWp, for an investment of around 10 million EUROS. On both sites 325 solar sails track the daily course of the sun over the year and guarantee increases in yield of up to 30% compared with a simple static solar installation. The annual electricity yields of both solar power plants cover the electricity requirements of up to 700 households and save an annual 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide. The two large-scale solar power plants are built on a former agricultural land together with a wind power and a biomass power plant.