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1-2 July 2013 5th Renewable Energy Business Forum in Myanmar

WEnergy Global Pte Ltd was one of the co-sponsors of the business forum and had set the stage for the formation of a partnership with a South Korean firm to develop projects in Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia.

Two presentations were given by WEnergy Global Pte Ltd to the audience of the 5th Renewable Energy Business Forum of Myanmar (REBF2015) in Yangon, Myanmar. The first presentation was a key-note on ‘Energy Market in Transition and Energy-Efficiency in Buildings’ delivered by WEnergy Global’s CEO, Mr Atem S. Ramsundersingh and Business Development Manager for both LEMNIS Lighting Singapore and WEnergy Global, Mr Chan Tha Aung, and co-authored by Dr Michelle Kung, Advisor on Policies for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings. The presentation highlighted the high-energy consumption of buildings in East-Asia and South East Asia as one of the highest in the world; it also indicated how quick to reduce consumption through the use of technologies, such as LED lights to reduce consumption by 30-40% and the use of artificial intelligence software to enhance building management systems cutting down energy by 15-20% without any capital expenditures. The presentation showed how renewable energy investments are taking over investments in conventional power.

The second presentation was a business case on the Sabang Hybrid Solar PV/Diesel power plant and micro-grid project designed by WEnergy Global Pte Ltd and to be built and operated in Puerto Princesa City, The Philippines. This presentation zoomed in on the development challenges, its financial modeling and the engineering features of the unique infrastructure and promoted its replicability in several other places in ASEAN.