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30 August-3 September 2012 RE Expert-Assessment for tea plantations and resorts, Darjeeling, West-Bengal, India

WEnergy Global‘s expert-team assessed options for renewable energy to make the tea manufacturing process greener at the Glenburn Tea Estate, while also looking into options to produce more electricity for boosting irrigation to increase productivity from 9 to 12 months bridging the dry-season. The cost/benefit analysis showed a substantial increase due to the sales of special crops grown on irrigated lands. The total electricity balance was calculated and customised renewable energy sources were proposed: A solar PV installation has been proposed to immediately cover up the electricity demand and ensure continuity of processes in the factory, while the installation of mini-hydro power plants were suggested to provide power to water pumps and make the tea estate and its beautiful boutique hotel independent from the local electricity grid. A further utilisation of the hydro potential on the land of Glenburn would enable the tea estate to generate power between 500kW to 5,000kW and sell the access power to the local grid and generate an additional revenue for the company. The team is currently following up with the mobilisation of finances.