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A WEnergy Global Pte Ltd led consortium – consisting of SMS Consulting Engineers and Progressive Engineering & Management, has been successful in its bid to win a tender awarded by Singapore’s national water agency, PUB to conduct a feasibility study that will explore ways to deploy solar panels at more reservoirs and facilities.

The study – lasting over a period of nine months – will assess the extent to which solar panels can be installed and the solar yield achievable, before a business model and implementation plan are proposed.

Solar PV technology has been identified as a key renewable energy source that has high potential for large-scale deployment in Singapore. Given that a significant amount of energy is needed to treat and produce water, PUB has been exploring the potential of tapping on solar energy as a more sustainable and renewable source.

To guide PUB’s efforts in solar deployment at its installations, the WEnergy Global led consortium is tasked to carry out an engineering feasibility study to determine the solar deployment potential at PUB reservoirs and installations by studying and exploring all suitable spaces and arrangements.

The ten identified reservoirs are Sarimbun, Murai, Poyan, Tengeh, Kranji, Pandan, Upper Peirce, Lower Pierce, Upper Seletar and Lower Seletar. Besides reservoirs, the study will also look into the solar deployment potential at land-based facilities such as waterworks and water reclamation plants.

The WEnergy Global led consortium has commenced the project activities from November 23rd, 2015 and scheduled to complete by August 2016. The consortium is fully equipped to run combined technical and financial models that would deliver an adequate sizing and realistic roadmap for the deployment of the solar power systems.

About the Consortium

SMS Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd is a well-established Singapore based civil and structural engineering consultancy responsible in this consortium for the structural analysis of all solar PV installations. It will closely work together with FlexBase BV, a Dutch company specialized in the design of floating platforms. Progressive Engineering & Management, a licensed electrical company in Singapore, will review and endorse all electrical design and engineering works.

WEnergy Global Pte Ltd is responsible for the overall project deliverables to PUB and will lead in the design, engineering, financial/economic analysis of the solar PV power systems, including scenarios that will consist of energy storage technologies.