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Forum/Workshop Sustainable Campus in Baguio, The Philippines

The Forum/Workshop Sustainable Campus in Baguio jointly organized by Saint Louis University Baguio and WEnergy Global was a one-day creative workshop with dialogue and exchange on sustainability initiatives on global, national, city and more specifically on campus level. Over 250 students attended the morning sessions (lectures) and 70 decision-makers from SLU/SLC partner institutions, under the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM) Missionaries, participated in the visioning workshop.

The host institution, Saint Louis University (SLU) Baguio, with as motto the “Light of the North”, has already initiated an impressive amount of eco-friendly initiatives and is in the process of evaluating how much solar they can install on their campus. Saint Louis College (SLC) in San Fernando, has already signed an agreement with WEnergy Global to solarize its campus. Each of the CICM Schools presented their current sustainability practices in regards to staff training, campus operations, research, curriculum intervention, and others.

The objectives of the Forum/Workshop Sustainable Campus were threefold:  (1) to share current status of international and domestic climate change policies, (2) to present options and technologies for a more sustainable campus as well as how to finance them, and (3) to collect ideas and practices from each other that could serve as building blocks for action plans. The afternoon session focused on campus operations and was designed to be an interactive Visioning Workshop, the 70 participants worked in groups by theme, including air, energy, water/waste water, waste, food, transport, to creatively design their own visions of a sustainable campus.