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2.1kWp Off-grid Solar PV System, Corregidor Island’s Eternal Flame of Freedom, Philippines

Corregidor Island’s “Eternal Flame of Freedom” powered by Renewable Energy System

The Corregidor Eternal Flame of Freedom is the International Peace Memorial in Corregidor Island, Philippines. During the WWII, this island stood as a major defense outpost of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and the Allied troops. The 12-meter high Corten steel structure, which was designed by renowned Harvard-educated sculptor Aristides Demetrios, was commissioned to symbolize a flame for liberty, and a commemoration of the heroic struggle of the US and Philippines to preserve freedom for future generations.

WEnergy Global brought leading-edge engineering design to install a #clean energy -driven and reliable power management system to ensure that the operation of the #LED#solar#lighting system can operate just using #sunlight and with an autonomy of 2 to 3 days even during rainy periods. This builds on the integrated storage solutions aligned with WEnergy’s approach in its commercial and community smart microgrids. The power system is composed of 6 units of 350 watts monocrystalline panel in a total of 2.1kwp #off-grid solar PV system and #battery storage with 3 units of 150 watts LED floodlight. The project was made possible through the generous support of international and local partners: 7 Degrees of Change, the Coastal Defense Study Group, and the Georgetown Alumni Association of the Philippines. #Cavite#Philippines#smartmicrogrid#WEnergyglobal#CleanGridPartners#MemorialDay