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Microfinance for urban and rural poor to access renewable energy

One of the co-founders of WEnergy Global, Mr Konrad von Ritter (Board Member of WEnergy Global) submitted together with Ms Diann Black-Layne to the MIT Co-lab their propasal to use crowd funding for local climate action by urban and rural poor people, sometimes also called the Base of the Pyramid. Hence the name, From the Crowd to the Base C2B Crowd-to-Base: Crowdfunding channelled through Microfinance gives urban and rural poor access to renewable energy to transform lives.

Their proposal was submitted within the contest of Scaling Renewables in Major Emerging Economies: How can renewable technologies be rapidly deployed in the major emerging economies? They reached the final round of this contest for climate solutions. Please vote of their proposal, review the final proposal, share your comments and with your interested community. Deadline of August 31: Your vote counts in the selection of the strongest proposal. Thank you for your vote, the proposal made it into the Final Round!