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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Biswaroop Dasgupta, Principal Electrical Engineer

COVID19 has stolen lives, paralyzed economies, and continues to be a threat to life as we know it. Just how damaging the pandemic will be to the global economy is still a question. However, the full circle of life is human destiny.

Creation always follows destruction, so we can foresee the economy will rebound in the coming year more quickly and strongly with more focus on Asia as economic power.

The COVID19 outbreak will transform the way that we think about everything from family and healthcare to politics and the country’s defence tactics.

It will no longer be considered a nation, which has the most sophisticated firearms and ammunitions as the most powerful since a bio-weapon like COVID19 can perish the whole World, which can be used by anyone. This is quite alarming in days to come!

There will be a large shift in economy strong hold nations with China and India sharing the World’s largest growth of GDP and Asia ruling the world economy Index

The positive part of this pandemic is due to the lockdown of all cities across the World, the climate change will take a slight reverse-path as nature finds its reconciliation from the tranquillity, due to noise reduction, less greenhouse gases, and less metropolitan waste disposal.

For WEnergy Global, we as one team must stay united in this hour of crisis with a strong foothold, focus on our goals of rural electrification with clean energy, reducing carbon footprints, creating awareness on the importance of green energy, and work towards sustainability.