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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Chan Tha Aung, Business Development Manager

In Myanmar, as confirmed cases are further emerging and increasing, I am not sure how long and how much it will affect our country, and to overcome this pandemic, especially how businesses and people will cope. Even though our Government is taking serious precautions and preventive measures, it will be very difficult for a country like Myanmar.

The important thing is to follow: “Stay Home, Save Lives.” In Myanmar “staying home” with electricity cut off, without reliable electricity, will be very difficult for the people to follow up. Our Government must act fast and put in place renewable energy policies and approval procedures, in order to support and accelerate the development and implementation of renewable energy projects in crisis time and/or afterwards for better living conditions.

Clean, fast, and renewable energy such as Solar PV (rooftop) systems will help to recover and provide solutions to overcome the impacts of COVID19 in this crisis time. Even though diesel prices continue falling, we better not only depend on burning fossil fuel which could damage the World. COVID19 proves that the World needs cleanliness and the importance of balancing between development and damage.

We are living on and off Earth, and we must treat Mother Nature good by using clean energy for a better future and World and also preventing viruses. We have to stop consuming all the resources, which could damage our future World and it is not late to start using renewable energy, clean energy.

COVID19 showed the importance of proper personal hygiene, clean food and clean water, clean environment, family, and colleagues as well as the company where you work.

The above points are my thoughts and views to contribute to rebuild Myanmar, and also the points I will be using to promote and contribute to our company, WEnergy Global, in the crisis time and also post-COVID19. I personally thanks to our company and so glad and proud to be a part of the WEnergy Global Family.

We, WEnergians, will overcome these tiring times by taking care and sharing with each other, while I realise others have to worry about multiple other issues such as job security, income, health care, et cetera.

I am proudly continuing my works and duties to accelerate the development and business continuity of our company in and post-COVID19. Also monitoring the status of COVID19 in my country and the economic impact.