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Post-COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Denisha Francis, Electrical Engineer

As the COVID19 pandemic sweeps across the World, our routine lives are interrupted, forcing us to lock ourselves, it is important to exercise hope and faith in and around us. Refusing to let fear turn us inward, being thankful, and extending our arms to one another is the need of the hour.

This is an unprecedented time where almost every activity across the World comes to a standstill. It silently offers an opportune time by bringing greater alarm in the World that clearly shows a picture of “Go Green”.

I believe a personal revival will come upon the world leaders and policy changers to accelerate climate change efforts by mitigating harmful health impacts of fossil fuel and adopting clean energy.

WEnergy Global always stood in the gap to provide cleaner energy for a sustainable future. It is essential to have an overcoming attitude to embrace the New Normal. I would like to invest my time in learning together and expanding thoughts to improve our technical solutions. This will renew strength, recalibrate with new perspectives.

Once normal bounces back, we as a team will soar together to build our plants, continue powering, and bringing smiles on our communities.