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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by, Jason Thong Procurement and Logistics Officer

I experienced the SARS in 2003 and that pandemic outbreak was not as serious and critical as the current COVID19, which is now happening worldwide and did not expect this would happen. This disease outbreak is not only affecting the economy of every country immensely, but most importantly, the health of humans. This is the “voice” from the environment. After this pandemic outbreak is ended, people should practice social responsibility sufficiently to ensure the resources used are maintained for the next generation, not overspent the resources to increase the burden to the environment, and do something to ensure the resources will not deplete completely.

In addition, this disease has also affected our daily lives and we cannot even visit our friends, nor stay closely with our family members. This incident inspires that health and safety are valuable treasures in my life, and we should appreciate the moment we can stay with our family members.   

As for the company, WEnergy Global is a renewable energy company and our company is able to contribute significantly to improve the environment by bringing the “Go Green” concept to every country and if possible, every corner in the World. 

From this pandemic, we know how important the clean energy industry, including WEnergy Global, and how we contribute to the World. During the lockdowns, implemented by many nations, we could see how the air pollution was reduced. Moreover, we can also organize a campaign by raising awareness to the public to promote how important the renewable and sustainable energy industry is now and in the future.