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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Jose Antonio Gozun, Business Development Officer

COVID19 has exposed many weaknesses, not only in HEALTHCARE and GOVERNANCE but of society itself. It has shown us how many things we take for granted, luxuries that we think should be available by right. It has proven that scenarios people deemed unlikely, or will never occur, can actually happen. Our reliance on the current norms and belief in systems in place have proven to be our biggest downfall. COVID19 has disrupted our way of life. But I think that is a good thing. It has given us the opportunity to think of what could be, that things can be done differently. COVID19 has basically hit the reset button and we can now take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of bad habits, keep what was good, and work on improving ourselves to fill the gaps we have come to realize. 

On a personal level, to me it means improving my exercise/eating habits, managing my time better to allow for more internalization and reflection, and gaining more focus to not get distracted so easily by external factors.  

For WEnergy Global, after this pandemic, I think we should realize that being an innovator and thought leader means being flexible and creative. It is not a single road we take to engage new clients/partners. There are infinite avenues that can lead to our growth and success. And after COVID19, with communities and governments realizing the need for self-reliance and the decentralization of supplies, WEnergy Global will be leading the charge in implementing the solutions not only to the problems exposed by this pandemic but to ones we foresee as well. i.e. if a more digital environment is realized, then demand for power will skyrocket.