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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Kirsten Louise Sagun, Business Development Officer

From my perspective, this pandemic will have an impact on:

Environment: It has been pointed out multiple times that the reason we are in this difficult situation right now is due to the World’s abuse of our environment. I think that what this virus has taught us is that we need to take better care of our it and our resources. The call for sustainable and responsible practices and innovations is louder now than ever.

Emergency Response and Preparedness: Our security and preparedness are being tested by the virus. Be it the government or private companies. I am proud of how WEnergy has been proactive with our actions in making sure we are working in safe environments. For some, there has been a lot of delay in processes and I think it is an important realization for all that there must be emergency guidelines and actions in place to ensure that these delays are reduced. I think there will be changes on how companies and the government manage their employees and activities.

Energy Industry: Energy is a basic necessity for a community to thrive and survive, which is greatly observed right now. It provides security and stability in families. And it ensures that, like us, many people can work from their homes. I think the virus will boost the World’s transition to renewable and clean energy.

Personally, when this is over, I will still continue promoting environmental protection and sustainability and put more action in contributing to our shift to a better World. The best way to look at it is through eyes full of gratitude and an opportunity for improvement. I am thankful that my family and I are safe, and that I am part of a company that cares.