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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by, Menandro Bagsic Project Engineer

Honestly, this is not going to be easy for the Philippines to recover fast from this pandemic happening in the World. But now at least we can see the effort of our government to get through this. Some citizens who are capable of helping out others in their own little ways will reach out to people in need.

COVID19 is a very serious and scariest virus that we all have encountered in my whole life. And everyone, anyone can be a possible victim of it. In precautionary not to catch this virus, we should be responsible for our clean and healthy living. Follow all the guidelines of world health to avoid this dangerous virus and if the government says stay home, just stay home, just follow their instructions, if we can help in that way. As the saying goes “it is better to be safe than sorry”.

In this trying time, you will appreciate all the blessings that you have, that we should be thankful. Despite what is happening in this World we can afford to eat and at least not to worry, compared to others who are just relying on an income day-by-day to feed their families.

We should be thankful that our company is able to work in this situation when most of the businesses are down. WEnergy Global finds its way to provide us the income to sustain our family. This is the time also to appreciate our company for all the help provided to the best possible.

One of the lessons learned in this time is that material things in life are not important. The most important is our family. Learn to be content with what you have, learn to live within your means, as others out there have nothing.

After all of these trials that we have encountered due to the pandemic, once we are back to live a New Normal life and resume to work, I am going to continue to advertise and promote to our communities how clean energy can be helpful and more beneficial to us.