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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by, Penny Gan Head of Operations Planning & Supply Chain Management

Heart of Gratitude

Looking back at the year 2019, it is so great that WEnergy Global has completed the two big milestones of SREC construction in Sabang, in the Philippines, and CleanGrid Partners joint venture deal. It would have been much more challenging and the impact would have been unimaginable if we are to be currently in the midst of SREC construction and CGP deal negotiation. Thankfully, SREC is already in operation, bringing lights, entertainment, and smiles to families that are under a long period of home curfew.

These two milestones have set the stage for WEnergy Global to be able to stay strong and unaffected during this global crisis. Reading the news on countries imposing lockdowns and thousands of people being stranded in the roads, miles apart from their loved ones, we must be grateful that we have a HOME to stay in with our family not worrying of livelihood.

WEnergy Global must continuously stay focused on our mission to bring electricity to rural areas to improve the life and economy of people whereby their needs have been “forgotten” by the government. Hopefully, with lessons learnt during this global crisis, the government can realize the importance of the public-private sector working hand-in-hand together and to accelerate and simplify the processes to enable more private sectors like us to bring quick clean and reliable electricity to the underprivileged communities.

Confident that the WEnergy Global team together with their families will be able to stay strong together to ride through this global crisis. Hope everyone will be able to reunite with their families and friends soon. Looking forward to meeting our overseas colleagues in the Philippines and Myanmar soon to start powering clean energy!

Let’s all continue to connect and support each other!