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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by, Rayen Bosch Sustainable Energy Planning Engineer

The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted some of the weaknesses and strengths of political, economic, and healthcare systems during their response to this global event. For the first time in decades, we have been rapidly reminded of the fragility of our lives and how such events can influence billions. It has fortunately created more awareness, yet at the same time, it resulted in more distress and destruction of health or freedom for many people in the World. Covid-19 has shook the foundation of many “normalized” and “old-school” lines of thought and habits and has created a new (economic) landscape. It has created room for adaptation and improvement. Now is the time to act wisely and sustainably to avoid the recurrence of such events in the future. It is time to analyze our history, educate ourselves, adapt, and overcome this obstacle.

Similarly, the climate crisis should be treated as the global threat that it is. It is in people’s nature to think within the timeframe of their own lives. A more conscious style of living would include also that of the generations before (to learn) and after (to envision), which would lay a better foundation for a more sustainable and progressive world in relation to our planet, our species, and its continuation. The World is ever-changing, always in motions and so should our policies, technology, and efforts always be aimed at an adaptive and dynamic global society. This is a good moment to filter out the bad and redirect action towards sustainable, progressive, and positive growth. A core way of doing this is by providing access to clean and reliable sources of energy where it is needed most.

From my perspective, it was not a matter of if, but a matter of when a global event like this would happen. The constant abuse of resources, nature, and even people by following outdated and unsustainable practices could not go without consequence. The pandemic has shown that we are not at the pinnacle of existence but are very dependent on and interconnected with our environment and each other in a more circular way. I hope that a shifting point has now been reached that will ensure room for innovative solutions and a more consciously engineered future. I have personally tried to make the best out of this situation. Finding a silver lining in this time where people are separated, and more distance is required.

For the first time in a while, I have been forced to take a step back and reflect. I was able to take more control over my own time and invest in myself first, add value and stability in any way, to then positively influence others. It was hard being a University graduate without the guarantee of a job or income. However, as it shows now, companies such as WEnergy Global that have proper goal setting, strong leadership, and a sustainable vision are able to grow and increase their impact even in uncertain times. I am excited to see what more can be achieved by the collective mind of the teams of WEnergy Global.