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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Shilpa Krishnan, Head of Investments

When the going gets tough …

Disaster, crisis, pandemic, downturn, recession … words commonly used to describe the ongoing situation. But what if the reality is worse than all of this? I for one, certainly hope – like many of my friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances – that the world emerges into a healthier, stronger, more sensible, welcoming, peace-loving and sustainable place after the crisis blows away. But what if the virus comes upon us, wave after wave after wave, and tests not just our hygiene practices, our governments’ preparedness, our medical infrastructure, but also our psychological endurance? What if we have to make those scary trade-offs that we are never prepared for? What if human lives are equated to dollar values? What if oil prices actually turn negative (Goldman Sachs’ prediction that producers will pay consumers for using the oil – a situation not as ludicrous as it seems)? What if millions of bright young graduates do not find rewarding careers for years?

This is an important question we have to be prepared to ask ourselves – are we, as individuals and as a team, mentally and emotionally prepared to endure tough times, before the flicker of light emerges? Will we give up easily if our consumers/customers are not able to pay us? Will we stop persevering with our climate change agenda when governments are busy fighting the fire? Will we walk away if policymakers choose cheap fossil fuels over clean energy to electrify villages? Will we get disheartened if our projects get delayed when the bureaucracy is actually not able to function? Will we lose our sanity, our willpower, and spirits when the going gets tough?

I am sure the resounding thought in many of our hearts is – well, what’s new! We have tided over all of the above and much more. It’s deja-vu. If this was exactly how you felt while reading my thoughts, we will make a good team! Let’s endure on, and resolve that we will not let this virus defeat our larger purpose for the greater good of Planet Earth.