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Post COVID19 Thoughts and Views by Shylesh Segar, Electrical Engineer

As the World is fighting a life or death crisis due to the rapidly evolving COVID19, and every individual is getting adapted to a New Normal, where some are bound at their own homes, far away from their families as countries are under lockdown, many underprivileged are fighting for their livelihoods. We must understand that this pandemic has taught us a lot of invaluable lessons from the importance of investing more on essential sectors to the point that humans are not the crown of creation.

One of those is seeing how the Earth has started breathing on its own due to the rapid decline in toxic emissions, from which the regulatory bodies must understand the impact importance of green energy and start to reorient policies to pave the obstacle-free path to increase the involvement of organisations like ours investing in green energy.

There is this quote saying “science is about knowing; and engineering is about doing” by Henry Petroski, which has been proved again during these difficult times at several instances by showcasing some innovations which helped in expediting the tracing, data analysis, 3D printing of medical equipment (PPE’s) and ramping up medical infrastructure within days, which motivates me personally on how much more work can be done on a technical perspective to improve the livelihood to tackle the uncertainties’ that lies ahead.

Thinking forward, after the crisis subsides whether life will be the same as it is now has become a question mark to many due to the impact it has created in a short span. We as one team must use these days to grow individually together and prepare ourselves to work aggressively in line with our goals of rural electrification to power the communities deprived with electricity. We must not only focus on reducing carbon footprints as one company but we as a leader must create awareness on the importance of green energy and influence many individuals and organisations to work towards sustainability.