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WEnergy Global plans, designs and builds Rooftop Solar PV Stations according to clients’ requirements aligning with the company’s high international quality standards and integrity protocols. We build Rooftop Solar PV Stations for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Also for industrial users of electricity, who increase capacity or intend to lower or stabilise their energy consumption costs, or aim for more reliable sources of power supply, in particular those who are off-grid and fully depending on diesel generators and facing the logistical challenges of the diesel supply chain in their area. Examples are: factories, farms, showrooms, shopping malls, hotel/resorts, schools and private estates/homes.

WEnergy Global is able to offer you a cost-effective, cleaner and robust technology as an affordable enhancement of your current electricity mix and a solution that reduces your current energy bill. Generate your own clean electricity with solar in 5 easy steps, choose our Direct Purchase Plan or Solar Lease Plan and get the entire system installed on your roof in 6-8 weeks.

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