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200.34 kWp San Fernando, Philippines, 2016

WEnergy Global Pte Ltd had successfully completed the design, supply, project management, construction, installation and supervision of 200.34 kWp grid-tied rooftop solar PV station.

The rooftop solar PV station is mounted on the campus of Saint Louis College located at San Fernando, La Union, Philippines. The installation incorporates seven hundred fifty-six (756) photovoltaic panels and ten (10) grid-tied inverters for own consumption and when needed allowing for excess electricity to be fed back into the national grid. With a grid-tied inverter the rooftop solar PV station is grid interactive.

Real-time performance monitoring of the solar PV station is available and the system generates about 255,022 kWh per year. The project enables the owner to reduce a total of about 110 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year at the same time. These carbon emission reductions are equivalent to burning 46,800 litres gasoline less per year.