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243.3kWp Saint Louis University, Baguio, Philippines 2019

WEnergy Global Pte Ltd has successfully completed the system integration of design, supply, project execution & management, construction, installation and supervision of a rooftop mounted solar PV power plant with an installed capacity of 243.3kWp including grid-following inverters.

The rooftop solar PV station is mounted on the campus of Saint Louis University located at Baguio, Philippines. The installation incorporates nine hundred one(901) photovoltaic panels and twenty-five (25) grid-tied inverters for own consumption and when needed allowing for excess electricity to be fed back into the national grid. With a grid-tied inverter the rooftop solar PV station is grid interactive.

Real-time performance monitoring of the solar PV station is available and the system generates about 306,000kWh per year. The project enables the school to reduce a total of about 135metric tons of CO2 emissions per year at the same time. These carbon emission reductions are equivalent to burning 56,200 litres gasoline less per year.