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WEnergy Global Commenced Pre-Feasibility Study for Off-grid Micro-Grids on Sumba Island, NTT, Indonesia

WEnergy Global wins public tender of the Global Green Growth Institute ( for a Pre-Feasibility Study on the rural electrification of 45 sites in the four regencies of Sumba Iconic Island, NTT in Indonesia.

This is the second study entrusted by GGGI to WEnergy Global. The first study, completed in June 2017, addressed the hybridization of existing diesel-powered local grids with solar PV and the use of energy storage systems. The study focused on eight (8) towns in NTT, Indonesia, and concluded that with solar PV power plants and battery storage systems the existing operator of the local grids can save more than 11 million liter of diesel per year. The project is on the list of the Indonesian Government for execution.

The second study will focus on villages and investigate the best possible technology (such as Solar PV and Battery Storage Systems) that can be deployed and a corresponding business model that assures the sustainability of investments. A team of experts of WEnergy Global, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Energy & Mines of Indonesia and a Dutch Agency, HIVOS, will commence site visits in March 2018 to interview local stakeholders and carry out surveys to collect data and information for the design, engineering and financial analysis of systems that can be deployed and operated. WEnergy Global will also prepare an Extended Cost Benefit Analysis (eCBA) to describe development and climate impact of such an investment in rural electrification.