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WEnergy Global on Renewable Energy Micro-Grid Opportunities in the Philippines at 4th Annual Philippines Power & Electricity Week

RE-Hybrid Micro-Grids in Philippines

At the 4th Annual Philippines Power & Electricity Week that took place from 19-22 July 2016 in Manila, WEnergy Global Chairman Atem Ramsundersingh delivered a keynote on Renewable Energy Micro-Grid opportunities in the Philippines, addressing the needs of 20 million people without access to power (the equivalent of the population of the Netherlands) – representing both families and businesses disconnected from the grid and economic progress.

Besides large reductions in CO2 and Green House Gas emissions, Ramsundersingh spoke about other benefits of micro-grids being decentralized and affordable, quick to deploy, with low/zero diesel required and lower logistics risk exposure as compared to mainstream non-RE energy sources. Required investments average USD 30 billion; with the critical and timely enforcement of relevant energy regulations in place, the private sector is well positioned to gain from attractive ROIs.

The event drew a global gathering of power and electricity decision makers, investors and regulators on a single platform to discuss the burgeoning growth and opportunities in the power & electricity market. ASEAN power infrastructure investments – of which USD 75 billion would be required for RE from today to 2035 – would help connect around 120 million of the region’s population without access to electricity.  The audience converged around the urgency in the need to address government permit or processing delays which increase transaction costs for the private sector and result in economic development losses for both investors and beneficiaries.

Sabang’s RE-Hybrid Micro Grid in Barangay Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan was highlighted as one such solution. With a near 50-50 solar/diesel mix, the Sabang power plant houses 1.4 MW of solar PV power, 1.2 MW of Diesel generator and 2.3 MWh of the largest clean battery in Asia.  Having 15 km of Micro-Grid smart meters, the plant will generate 25,700 metric tons of CO2 savings over 20 years (compared with a full diesel system) and service 650 small and large off-takers along the road to Puerto Princesa’s Underground River.

“Change is coming, indeed” we anticipate, soon, to provide power to the people.

WEnergy Global’s focus on RE-Hybrids also extends to tidal (sub sea turbine) solutions, with possible interventions that could remove the entire Diesel component from the “magic mix”. Practical research is currently being conducted on the tidal power solution for over 7,107+ islands in the Philippines, to explore the potential market valued at over USD 100 million.