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WEnergy Global Team Winner Erasmus Energy Award 2014

WEnergy Global’s Flagship Project in The Philippines received the Erasmus Energy Award 2014 (Business Award). The awards were announced today at the Erasmus Energy Forum 2014 in Rotterdam. An important recognition from a European Jury connected to the Rotterdam Business School, Future Energy Business. This award is for the great work done by our engineers and financial experts, our partner Delta P Inc, staff of the City Government of Puerto Princesa and the Department of Energy of The Philippines! We also thank the A*STAR Experimental Power Grid Center of Singapore.

Nominations were invited for the Erasmus Energy Business Award presented by the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business during the Erasmus Energy Forum 2014. This award is for an individual, public institution, NGO, or business enterprise that has developed or implemented an innovative and sustainable energy concept or business model that contributes to improving the lives of people, business success, or the sustainability of the planet.

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Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business – Erasmus Energy Forum 2014: