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WEnergy Global Webinar: “Rooftop Solar PV Energy for C&I: Way To Reduce Operating Expenses in Asia”

“C&I Solar PV Projects are implemented at an interesting intersection of energy services for buildings and productive activities, electric mobility, energy storage and power grid/flexibility management, thus providing a micro-scale blueprint of larger-scale energy transformation pathways. I am hoping to explore related key aspects with members of the panel” by Mr. Ingo Puhl, Co-Founder of South Pole, and moderator of our upcoming webinar.

Share your thoughts and views in the 4th WEnergy Global Webinar on Wednesday 21 October 2020 at 16:00-17:30 Singapore Time: “Rooftop Solar PV Energy for C&I: Way To Reduce Operating Expenses in Asia.”

In this webinar experts will share their views and experiences within the Solar PV Rooftop Systems and its benefits. They will discuss the current trends, technology and financial innovations 0n renewable and clean energy within the commercial and industrial sector. They will also share their experiences in the business, highlighting the technological, financial and environmental benefits that the installation of solar PV on rooftops entail.

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