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WEnergy Global’s Flagship Project nominated for the Erasmus Energy Award 2014

WEnergy Global’s Flagship Project in The Philippines is nominated for the Erasmus Energy Award 2014 (Business Award). The awards will be announced on the Erasmus Energy Forum 2014. Nominations are invited for the Erasmus Energy Business Award presented by the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business during the Erasmus Energy Forum 2014. This award is for an individual, public institution, NGO, or business enterprise that has developed or implemented an innovative and sustainable energy concept or business model that contributes to improving the lives of people, business success, or the sustainability of the planet. Bridging Business, Science and Policy, the third annual Erasmus Energy Forum will be held on 19 June Thursday 2014 with this year as theme Energy Microgrids and Financing Sustainable Energy. This Energy Forum brings together energy practitioners, policy makers, and researchers from economics, computer science, behavioural science and management science to debate challenges to safeguarding energy provision in the future. The speakers and panels will address three major themes: EU Policy and Markets, Energy Microgrids & New Business Models and Financing Sustainable Energy. Part of the Erasmus Energy Forum this year is the third Conference on Future Energy Business & Energy Informatics (FEB-EI 2014) on 20 June 20 2014 at Rotterdam School of Management. The goal of this conference is to engage academic researchers in a dialogue that examines the future of energy business, especially in the context of how energy informatics can foster energy efficiency.