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WEnergy Power Pilipinas Inc. Launched

WEnergy Global, based in Singapore, is pleased to announce the creation and launch of WEnergy Power Pilipinas, Inc.  (WPPI) as a platform for business growth and sustainable development in the Philippines.

Building on the company’s world class engineering, technology, and regional presence, WPPI aims to advance its businesses and strategic goal of off-grid electrification for green growth.

The company has built its expertise in rooftop, ground-mounted, and floating solar PV, tidal energy, river run-off power generation with energy storage systems, and other renewable or hybrid power generation and micro grids.

“WPPI will be a leading platform to drive WEnergy Global’s goal to provide over 300 MW of renewable power in Southeast Asia in the next 5 years. Not a big target, but a challenging one as we aim at electrifying 150 million people without access to power” affirmed Atem S. Ramsundersingh, WEnergy Global CEO.

WEnergy Power Pilipinas will be led by Quintin Pastrana, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of corporate multinational experience in the energy and minerals sector, and a graduate of Georgetown, Cambridge, and Oxford.

“WPPI is focused on partnerships and projects across the archipelago that are in critical need of clean, renewable, and innovative energy solutions. Whether it be tidal, hydro, solar, or hybrid solutions, we aim to be a catalyst for economic empowerment in these new growth areas while ensuring their contributions to sustainable development” Pastrana added.

The company’s initial projects include the 2.6 MW solar hybrid micro-grid in Puerto Princesa, powering the community near the world-renowned Underground River and in Culion and Linapacan islands in Palawan, in partnership with local firms, Vivant and Gigawatt Power. The company is also expanding its solar rooftop business in the Philippines.

WEnergy Global’s global leadership in innovative technology design, project execution, and management has been recognized through the Erasmus Energy Award of the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, the Dr Albert Winsemius Award for Innovation & Sustainability by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the Singapore APEX Corporate Sustainability Award for Clean Technologies.